2012 Weekly Summary #14: 8 Apr 2012 – Beauty to Alldays


Week 14 on the road!

2nd April 2012

Day 93

Beauty to Marken

That morning we went to visit the 200,000-year-old bushman paintings, with young Henk as our very competent guide. After, we headed into the hills and to the beautiful Opikopi Game Ranch. The views were wonderful and you instantly felt a sense of peace whilst looking at the bush going on for miles in front of you. We enjoyed a delicious steak that night thanks to Theuns’ trusty braai-ing.

3rd April 2012

Day 94


Woke to views of the sunrise from our room-gorgeous. After breakfast, we drove into town and enjoyed exploring the area. Typical ‘African’ scene of girls dancing outside a supermarket to loud music and a big crowd of people gathered around to watch. Unsuccessful interviews with locals, who didn’t seem very interested in talking to us.

4th April 2012

Day 95

Marken to Baltimore

Said our goodbyes and headed to Baltimore and Shelanti Game Park. The staff were friendly and helpful and made us feel right at home. We were taken out on a game drive with the general manager and managed to witness a buffalo feeding.  That evening we relaxed with the staff and had a nice dinner and some drinks.

5th April 2012

Day 96


Rog had a good talk with Rene, the chairman of the farmers’ forum who enlightened him all about the challenges that the farms and the people face. The afternoon was spent using the wifi and catching up with a week’s pile of work.

6th April 2012

Day 97

Baltimore to Swartwater

Entered the tiny town of Swartwater and checked into ZaZoe Lodge, a sweet place owned by a Dutch couple. Headed out for some lunch at the local pub and grill and were approached by a sweet lady who said she had read about us in the paper. Explorers ‘Roger Winnie Dykje and Maddy Sarrit’ were very pleased to see their names (or near enough) on the huge spread on the back page.

7th April 2012

Day 98


Feeling like quite the celebrities in Swartwater, everyone seems to recognise us here – it must be thanks to the recent article about The EXPEDITION Project in the Mogolpos(Lephalale Newspaper). We collected some supplies from the local store and settled in for a day of admin again. But in the evening, thanks to the beautiful surroundings and magnificent sunsets, and full moon, we did some late afternoon filming.

8th April 2012

Day 99


Town number 55 and its Easter Sunday – a quiet day eating chocolates at our new accommodation just outside of Alldays.

…of the week:

  • Towns visited this week –Beauty, Marken, Baltimore, Swartwater, Alldays
  • Accommodation sponsored this week –Opikopi Game Ranch, Shelanti Game Park, ZaZoe Lodge
  • Food sponsored this week – Opikopi Game Ranch, Shelanti Game Park, Aquanoir Pub & Grill
  • Highlight of the week –
  • Lowlight of the week –
  • Accommodation of the week –
  • Meal of the week – 

See you in a week…

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