African Rhinos

New Online Course Release: Wildlife Vet Online

Join Dr Peter Rogers, the world-renowned wildlife veterinarian based in South Africa, as he shares decades of experience, research, real-life scenarios and case studies on Cheetahs, Rhinos, Pangolins, Lions and Elephants.

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New Online Course Release: African Rhinos

Join a collaboration of wildlife veterinarians, ecologists, game reserves and endangered species centres based in South Africa, as they share experience, research, real-life scenarios and case studies on African Rhinos.

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Is a Rhino Worth More Dead Than Alive?

The value of a rhino, both in monetary terms and in terms of ecological significance, varies depending on the context and the motivations of different parties involved. While there are illegal activities, such as poaching, that involve killing rhinos for their horns, it is important to note that these activities are highly detrimental to rhino populations and conservation efforts.

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