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African rhinos are large, herbivorous mammals native to Africa. There are two species of African rhino: the black rhino and the white rhino. Despite their names, both species are actually grey in colour.

Black rhinos are smaller than white rhinos and have a hooked lips, which they use to grasp leaves and twigs. They are more solitary and aggressive than white rhinos and are often found in more rugged, forested habitats.

White rhinos are larger and have a square-shaped lip, which they use to graze on grasses. They are more social and tend to live in savanna habitats where they can graze on the open grasslands.

Both species of African rhinos are endangered due to poaching for their horns, which are valued in some cultures for their supposed medicinal properties and as a status symbol. Rhino horn is made of keratin, the same material as human hair and nails, and has no proven medicinal value.

Conservation efforts are focused on protecting rhinos from poaching, managing their habitat, and monitoring their populations. Many African countries have established national parks and reserves to protect rhinos and other wildlife, and anti-poaching measures such as increased law enforcement and community education programs are also in place to help protect these magnificent animals.

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