Hospitality Partner Memberships

Since 2012 we have recruited over 400 partner members!

These members have joined thanks to the part they played in our expeditions from 2012 to 2014.

By hosting our small research teams for one to two nights or a meal or two that automatically qualified them to be listed on our website and join the nationwide network of project collaborators.

In order to expand our network we have now opened up possibilities for new members to join us.

Eligibility criteria for partner membership

Your business undertakes operations we consider to be ethical, within our organisation’s ethos and has a positive impact to the local community or environment.

For details on responsible tourism practices read here.

In order to receive a website listing on our EXPLORE page with ad hoc featured listings and social media promotions you have the below options:

Historic partners (2012 and 2013) – these are businesses who supported our foundation year road trip (in 2012) where we visited 192 towns in 250 days. 176 accommodation establishments helped us achieve this by sponsoring our accommodation for one night when we passed through their area. This was then repeated in 2013 via three shorter, different road trip routes. Read more here.

Experience partners – these are businesses who we have partnered with to provide facilities/accommodation for our experiences for travellers: Read more here.

New Partners – these are new businesses who join our community. In order to join they should be willing to host two people for a minimum of one night per year: Read more here

Featured partners – these are partners which can fall into any of the above categories but have also 100% committed to host two people once per year, pay 7% commission on direct enquiries, and are a local contact for their area and provide us with regular updates. This category receives additional promotions and advertising. 

Reply to direct enquiries – this will come directly into your inbox via your built in enquiry form on your listing. Please reply to these as soon as you can and cc or bcc me in so I can see you have received it and replied. I will send you a test enquiry after this email – reply reply to it so I can see you have received it.

Host us when possible – if you have space we may request a bed or two for a night. This is something we would like you to be able to support us with, but we understand this is dependent on time of year and availability. 

Optional commission – all partners have the option of paying us a 7% commission for any enquiries that come via us if they can afford it. This is not a request, it is an option unless they are a Featured partner. As a social enterprise we are trying to remain sustainable with various revenue streams to keep us alive.

Keep us updated – when you can, please send any updates that may be needed for your listing. We would also love you to be a contact for your area – you can let us know about any projects or events happening. This is all part of us trying to help and support your local area.

Direct enquiries – these will come direct to you inbox via the built in enquiry form at the bottom of your listing

Indirect enquiries – it will be unclear that these have come via The Expedition Project because these enquiries may come via the direct links we provide of yours – eg: social media and website. We offer direct links transparently and free.

Roger talks about the collaborative network The Expedition Project is creating:

Watch more here.

Membership sign-ups:

Accommodation membership here.

Restaurant membership here.

Project membership here.

Conservation Collaboration membership here.

Or get in touch below:

Please complete the following form to get the process rolling and we will get back you as soon as possible.

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