What is ethical business practice in tourism?

Within the context of The Expedition Project and what we consider partnership worthy businesses, we have outlined some of the eligibility and ineligibility criteria below.

Ethical business practices are actions performed and attitudes held by a business and its employees that are considered professionally, morally and environmentally responsible.

Responsible tourism (also referred to as sustainable tourism, ethical travel, responsible travel, impact travel) by definition is tourism that minimises negative social, economic and environmental impacts and generates greater economic benefits for local people.

We aim for our partners to be holding policies to progress towards more green and responsible practices or already hold these in effect.


The following constitutes the positive business ethos we look for:


Encouraging guests to minimise their carbon footprint by being more consumer conscious when they travel

  • Take less flights
  • Use more reusable products
  • Find out what the destination local community needs and bring some presents


Environmental commitment

  • Putting planet before profit is more important than ever

Culture and tradition

  • Supporting the local community projects through awareness, fundraising and empowerment campaigns

Social commitment

  • Making a commitment to be diverse, inclusive and equal in employment and promotions


  • Striving to improve best practice and reduce consumption, waste, and negative impact both socially and environmentally


The following constitutes the negative or harming business ethos we avoid:

Green washing

  • Embracing buzz words without follow-through and implementation or hypocrisy

Overuse of single-use plastics

  • Use of unnecessary amounts of single-use items like plastic

Not supporting the local community

  • Putting tourists and profit before the local community benefit and avoiding inclusion

Not protecting the local environment

  • Making more negative impact than positive on the local environment

Not practicing Fairtrade principles

  • Not following guidance from Fairtrade principles for employment, trade and supply chains

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