New Online Course Release: African Penguins

Join a collaboration of marine veterinarians, ecologists, biologists and endangered species centres based in South Africa, as they share experience, research, real-life scenarios and case studies on African Penguins.

About this course

  • 20 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Course checklist

African Penguins, presented by the Marine Dynamics, Dyer Island Conservation Trust, African Penguin & Seabird Rehabilitation Centre, Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation and Nature’s Valley Trust, and supported by other collaborating organisations and projects, is ideal for students of wildlife conservation, marine biology, bioscience, ecology and zoology.

  • Text Lessons (on-demand)
  • Video Lessons (on-demand)
  • Quizzes (on-demand)
  • Q&A Sessions (on demand)
  • Completion Certificate

Lead Course Instructor

Brenda Walters

Former Marine Dynamics PR Officer. Brenda is passionate about community engagement and wildlife conservation, Brenda used to work alongside Dyer Island Conservation Trust founder, Wilfred Chivel, and had a direct role in all their various activities and Public Relations materials.

Discover your inner penguin, starting today

“Penguins may stumble, but they always get back up and waddle on.”

~ Unknown

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