Marine Protection Areas – Chronicles of the Coast


CapeNature looks at some of the important elements of Marine Protection and what their team does to protect the Cape coastline and raise awareness of its natural resources.

Perfecting Partnerships – Connecting People. CapeNature showcases examples of how partnerships are critical to the success of an MPA.
Making Science Work for Coastal Conservation
This video will highlight some interesting and memorable crime investigations that will blow your mind. Watch “Combatting Crime – Stories from the Front Line” and see how real biodiversity heroes are making a difference.
Marine protected areas are essential for our ecosystem and also for human well-being. Working in harmony with nature affords us numerous benefits including employment opportunities. Explore Betty’s Bay Marine Protected Area by watching this video.

You can also watch our compilation of CapeNature’s ‘Chronicles of the Coast’ series here in our own first of a series of live streams looking at CapeNature’s vital work around the Western Cape.

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