Wildlife Vet Online Live 16

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Recorded: 1st February 2022

LIVE with: World renown wildlife vet, Dr Peter Rogers BVSc.

Topic: African Lion Module

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You can join in with the discussions and ask questions via the below collaborating university society pages:

Primary collaborators:

Nottingham – Nottingham University Veterinary Zoological Society

Edinburgh – Dick Vet Wildlife Conservation Society

London – RVC Zoological Society

Secondary collaborators:

Bristol – Bristol University Veterinary Zoological Society

Liverpool – Liverpool University Veterinary Zoological Society

Glasgow – Glasgow University Veterinary Zoological Society

Worldwide – International Veterinary Students Association – Wild & Exotic Animals Community

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8 responses to “Wildlife Vet Online Live 16”

  1. Orla Shipway says:

    If you needed to immobilise a lion with cubs, would you go about it any differently? For example, would you try to perform a procedure closer to the den or keep an eye on the cubs while she’s gone? Also, if you needed to move her to a recovery enclosure, how would you go about moving the cubs?

  2. Izzy Beardwood says:

    From the lion videos it appears that Female castration is more common than male castration, however, castrating males seems like it would be an easier procedure, is it not carried out as much due to the reduction in Testosterone levels following castration?

  3. katrina.shlyak says:

    Do you pregnancy test a female before a spay? What would your course of action be if during a spay you noted that the female was pregnant?

  4. Emily Rue says:

    What was the hemostatic agent used in the lion spay? Why do lions needs intra-abdominal hemostatic agents while other animals do not?

  5. Emily Rue says:

    How often do you find parasites in the animals when doing surgery, like in the lion surgery video? Do you worry about these parasite burdens in terms of healing? What are the common parasites in lions?

  6. Yashaswini Modak says:

    What are some important factors to consider when managing lion populations on a reserve with regards to their impact on the food web?

  7. Emily Rue says:

    When the injured/treated lion returns the pride, do they have issues readjusting to the social dynamics? Do other members reject that lion because they have been away?

  8. Max (RVCZS) says:

    It seems like you would have to be a pretty skilled marksman to accurately hit the preferred darting sites of a lion on a consistent basis. How often do people miss and hit the wrong part of the lion? How bad is this and how is it managed?

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