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#TEP2012 – ShowMe Interview

With over six months having passed since The EXPEDITION Project left on their maiden and foundation year journey of exploration, re-discovery, inspiration and research, we asked them several of the most popular questions as submitted by their followers: Read More

Graskop Pancakes

Said goodbye to Limpopo and hello to Mpumalanga. As soon as we reached our first town, Graskop, we were bombarded left right and centre with pancake shops, cafés and restaurants. Not knowing that Graskop was famous for pancakes, we were quite intrigued and beginning to get slightly hungry at the thought. It turns out that during the mining era, the miners would form queues right around the block to a local lady’s house where she would prepare fresh pancakes for them during shifts. She became so popular that other pancake houses began to open – the most famous of these being Harrie’s –still open today.

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