Save the Elephants, Timbavati


Save the Elephants conduct various activities such as:

  • Research and Monitoring: They conduct vital research on elephant behaviour and ecology and pioneered GPS radio tracking in Africa to provide fresh insight into the life of elephants. Their solid scientific data has helped shift international policy towards a better future for the species.
  • Elephant Protection: They work with wildlife departments, protected area managers and communities to assist their efforts to defend elephants against ivory poachers and traffickers. They develop and deploy cutting-edge tracking systems to monitor and protect elephants.
  • Human-Elephant Co-existence: Africa’s human population is set to double by 2050, creating enormous pressures for elephants. As farmland spreads and infrastructure developments fragment habitat, elephants are being forced into increasing conflict with people. STE provides information on elephant movements for landscape planners to protect rangeland and creates innovative solutions to prevent elephants from raiding crops.
  • Spreading awareness globally: Elephants are intelligent creatures with complex levels of consciousness with a profound role in human cultures as well as African ecosystems. They share our awareness of their importance both locally and internationally through films, publications, a computerised elephant library, a news service, social networks and our website. They involve local people in research and education to develop a conservation ethic based on local knowledge and elephant needs and recognize that the best ambassadors for elephants are the people with whom they share their land.

Timbavati has carried out five successful Elephant Green Hunts since 1998, each bull being monitored with a GPS collar donated by Save the Elephants.


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