Pre-Vet (Junior Wildlife Vet)

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After Junior Wildlife Vet’s fun Module 1 looking at Animal Identification, it is time to get stuck in with Module 2 by exploring anatomy, proactive strategies, development skills, career paths and more

You will also be introduced to current vets in-training as well as some of the most famous wildlife vets in the world!

Join us for an online journey to learn from current veterinary students and what they are learning.

Meet your teachers


Caela is a Royal Veterinary College, UK graduate.


Nicole is a Royal Veterinary College, UK graduate.


Beth is currently studying at the Univeristy of Bristol, UK.


Layla is currently studying at the University of Nottingham, UK.

Molly (Supplement)

Molly is a University of Nottingham, UK graduate.

How this course works

You can work through the course in the order shown below or choose lessons modules you want to start with – make sure you click on the COMPLETE LESSON button at the bottom of each lesson page to proceed.

Each module contains lessons and a quiz. When you reach the QUIZ lesson of each module you will need to click on the VIEW LESSON QUIZ button at the bottom of this lesson page to see and take the quiz.

You will not be able to take the quiz until you have clicked on the COMPLETE LESSON buttons at the bottom of each lesson before the quiz!

What you need

Laptop or PC preferable, rather than mobile phone.

You may encounter issues on Mac Safari browsers. Other browsers are preferred.

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