The Most Trafficked Mammal in the World

If you’re one to advocate against the illegal wildlife trade and the illegal trafficking of wild animals, then the Wildlife Vet Online module on Pangolins is for you!

Pangolins are considered to be the most trafficked mammal in the world and are critically endangered. This module delivers an amplitude of knowledge as The Expedition Project and Dr. Peter Rogers open your eyes to the behind-the-scenes of the rescue, rehabilitation and release of Pangolins from attempted smuggling and trade. The Expedition Project and Dr. Peter Rogers truly capture and provide numerous scenarios as they depict the lifestyle of this species. 

These sweet gentle animals are commonly mistaken and judged based on their rowdy outer appearance and as a result, undergo uncaring handling by untrained persons who are oblivious to their kind nature.


Renowned wildlife veterinarian, Dr Peter Rogers, and his team give us an insight into a typical day with Pangolins in module 3 while diving into the nitty gritty of all that it takes to keep this species alive. This self-paced intricate module focuses not only on the husbandry and behavioural lifestyle of Pangolins but also on the clinical aspect of anaesthesia, physical examinations and procedures that are carried out. 

The videos provided in this short course allow us to have a better understanding of Pangolins’ behaviours and also to better visualize the elements of the module lectured. The abundance of resources and knowledge received is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Due to their nature, learning about South Africa’s most endangered species in such a put-together, well-outlined course is beyond unique as there is no other like it and to be able to have the opportunity to learn from a wildlife veterinarian with over 30 years of experience is such a privilege. 

By Karina Khatic

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