In 2003 various local businesses and individuals came together to establish a 5ha vineyard that could provide long-term financial support to Die Herberg orphanage and children’s home. This prime plot is situated right next to Die Herberg and 100% of the grapes harvested produce a Cabernet Franc-Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon blend under the label ‘Thunderchild‘.

Over 120 children aged 0 to 18 are currently housed and cared for here. The proceeds from Thunderchild sales supplement existing funding by providing for the specialised education of each child that would otherwise not be possible.

Some activities sponsored by the Thunderchild initiative include driving lessons, attending sports tournaments, musical training, and further education after matric.

Further information about this commendable example of a community pulling together for a better future for underprivileged children can be found at

After our visit to learn about the Thunderchild project, we ventured off along a fantastic little road on the edge of the Roberson Wine Valley. At the end of it we arrived at Tierhoek Organic Farms where they not only provide wonderful mountain cottage accommodation, but are one of the few farms in South Africa who grow an amazing range of organic produce.

Bruce – co-owner of the farm – took us on a tour of the fruit packaging area where we got to sample some of the fruit and confirm that it’s delicious!

He then showed us their biodiesel production area; Tierhoek collects waste cooking oil from restaurants in Robertson and after a relatively uncomplicated treatment and filtration process, are able to use it to meet almost 100% of their fuel needs on the farm!

A big “thank you” to the Gilson family for their warm hospitality and unique venue. We highly recommend you check it out! For more info visit


The EXPEDITION Project team would like to extend a very warm “thank you” to Sheila and Len in the Hex River Valley for the delicious lunch en route!

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