#TEP2013 Route 3 – Fun and Games at Isipho, Greater Addo


Playing sports with 100+ children? Really? Some of us definitely felt a bit intimidated by this project visit prospect. Thankfully, as Roger stepped up to bat on the make-shift cricket pitch, Lettie and Lisa were tasked with much less strenuous activities – colouring and reading stories!

Isipho cricket

Isipho colour
© 2013 Lettie Irving Wildlife Photography

Wednesday is ‘sports day’ at Isipho Multipurpose Centre; on other weekdays the kids get stuck in with various other educational and recreational after school activities. About 75 children are at Ishipho’s crèche from 8 ’til 4 every day of the week, and we managed to catch one of the two classes mid-nap. We distracted the other class – and gave the teacher a bit of a break – by showing the children photos of themselves.
Isipho creche
© 2013 Lisa Scriven | levelle perspectives

The week before our visit, permaculture training had taken place at Isipho’s gardens, so they were busy doing a bit of an overhaul when we were there. Food grown in the garden is supplemented by fresh eggs from the chickens in the adjacent coop, and both provide a hearty meal to the kids who attend the crèche.
Isipho garden
© 2013 Lisa Scriven | levelle perspectives

As we were about to climb in the Landy, we realised that the kids and staff at Isipho were assembling to say good-bye. Spirited singing and dancing erupted and kept us entertained for at least another ½ hour – our best farewell yet. Thank you to everyone at the Isipho Multipurpose Centre!
Isipho dance
© 2013 Lisa Scriven | levelle perspectives

Isipho sing
© 2013 Lettie Irving Wildlife Photography


The EXPEDITION Project team would like to thank the following for their generous support along the way and applaud them for the support they provide to Isipho:

Woodbury Tented Camp, Amakhala Game Reserve
Woodbury cropped

Safari Lodge, Amakhala Game Reserve
safari cropped

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