TEP2012 – What happened 10 years ago?

In 2012 Roger spent 250 days on the road visiting 101 projects in 192 towns to gather information and research success stories and challenges. This was made possible with the help of over 172 local sponsors who hosted me for a night. This laid the foundations of who The Expedition Project hoped to work with, and where The Expedition Project wanted to focus its attention.

By the end of 2012, the research and experience gathered was phenomenal. At the heart of it, projects and charities were surviving unsustainably all over South Africa. My theory about framework change, system support and financial disruption was true. Community good was present everywhere, but local and national government support was not allowing good deeds to be amplified or at the very least, supported.

The key project area noticed was education, health and only then conservation. Furthermore, there was a huge divide between community and conservation projects.

In total, 16 project categories (4 main categories each with 4 sub categories) were identified as areas in need for support. This was 3 years before the 17 Sustainable Development Global Goals were presented to the world.

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