Talking to Animals

“To the lovers of all things wild and the hearts that yearn for our sacred selves know yourself as part of nature and not separate the whole yearns for you as you yearn for it for connection, love and understanding” ~ Kate Muller

We would love it if you could join us on the 2nd of May at 19.00 SAST (18.00 BST) for another special episode of Biomimicry Online Live!

We will be speaking with Kate Muller, an animal communicator based on the Garden Route of South Africa.

Join us for this live chat where we will talk about her inspiration and observations, its connection to Biomimicry and lessons learnt from a career listening and developing relationships with the world around her.

More about Kate Muller

Animal communication is a way of sharing deeply in a conversation beyond only spoken words and physical behaviour. It is a way of relating to animals and recognizing them as sentient beings with thought, emotion and wisdom. It is a two-way stream of information also called telepathy and based on unconditional love.  It exists within all of nature, where intuition is the guide and magic is its child. It is a natural gift for every human being. We only need to learn how to trust it again and practice it with care.

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