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The Plight of the Pangolin: Battling the Illegal Wildlife Trade

In the shadowy world of illegal wildlife trafficking, there exists a silent victim that often goes unnoticed—the pangolin. Despite its low profile, this unique creature holds the dubious distinction of being the most trafficked animal in the world. Poached for its scales and meat, pangolins face a dire threat to their existence. However, efforts to curb this illicit trade offer hope for their survival.

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Hope for Pangolin Conservation: Rare Species Returns to Zululand

The African Pangolin Working Group (APWG) returned a young female pangolin to the wild in KwaZulu-Natal recently. “The Temminck’s pangolin has not roamed Zululand for nearly 70 years so this is a historic moment for us and an incredible project of proactive conservation of an extremely endangered species,” said Frances Hannah, project coordinator at the Zululand Conservation Trust. The trust has given high priority to pangolin conservation, allocating funds to protect, rehabilitate and monitor these amazing animals.

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