Project Roadtrip – Part 1 (Virtual Volunteering)


It is time for an online volunteering roadtrip! Join us in our virtual journey to some of our favourite projects.

This Virtual Volunteering course will cover 6 projects based on 10 years of research and 8 expeditions around South Africa. Each course introduces you to a selection of project categories and includes tasks and goals based on our research and linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goals:

Food | Water | Education | HealthWildlifeArts

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This mini-course is part of a collection of modules in the Virtual Volunteering series.

Courses in the Virtual Volunteering are designed as an online version of the hands-on experience available with The Expedition Project – where we combine project visits, project volunteering, small business collaboration and adventure travel. The amount of time and effort you put into our project modules and tasks is up to you, your time available and your experience you can offer. This makes it super flexible, very adaptable and still very beneficial for both you and us.

Participants can make use of this before, during, after or instead of visiting any of our project in person.

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