Underwater Research (Marine Biology Online)


1 hour | 14 lessons | All Ages | All Levels | Dyer Island Conservation Trust | Ralph Watson | Marine Biology series

This mini-course, presented by the Dyer Island Conservation Trust, is part of our Marine Biology Online series. It is ideal for students of marine biology and other biosciences like ecology, zoology, and wildlife conservation.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to the Dyer Island Conservation Trust
  • Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV) Overview
  • Underwater Research
  • Underwater Statistics
  • Underwater Projects
  • And more

Course Outcomes:

  • 2 hours of EMS, certified by Dyer Island Conservation Trust and The Expedition Project
  • Optional Extra Credits
  • Certificates (members only)
  • Additional Resources and Downloads (members only)

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Image: Daniel Rooth

We help marine biologist and conservation students and get EMS credits without travelling, by presenting self-paced online courses in collaboration with marine biologists, ecologists and conservationists in South Africa.

About your Teacher:

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust was founded in 2006 by Wilfred Chivell, a true ocean warrior and the owner of Marine Dynamics Travel and Dyer Island Cruises. A native of Gansbaai, Wilfred knows the reefs, rocks and wrecks along the Gansbaai coastline like the inside of his home. His passion for the conservation of this diverse environment has placed the greater Dyer Island region on the international map. His team, who have individual specialisations, will be presenting specific modules on topics such marine pollution, penguin rehabilitation, BRUV’s, Estuary management, whale and dolphins, sharks and sea birds.

About Marine Biology Online:

These courses are designed to be online versions of selected marine experiences available in South Africa. We’ve collaborated with projects to create a practical roadtrip in the form of the Marine Experience, an package just for marine conservationists, marine biologists and those passionate about protecting our coastal and marine life, that is both affordable and of high quality. It’s built around our principles of collaboration, credibility and accessibility by connecting communities and exceptional projects and experts while not sacrificing on some of the fantastic food and accommodation that South Africa has to offer. In this way, we’re able to provide both practical and theoretical instruction, covering marine research, community programmes, as well as sanctuary management and wildlife conservation.

Topics include:
  • Marine Pollution
  • Penguin Sanctuary Management 
  • Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV) 
  • Estuary Protection and Management
  • Whale Research and Monitoring
  • Dolphin Research and Monitoring
  • Shark Research and Monitoring
  • Sea Bird Life

Other mini-courses in this category delve into the care and protection of penguins, whales, sharks, dolphins, sea birds and more.


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