The LIFE Project (Global Goals)


It is time for an online journey into the first project category of The Expedition Project connecting us to the United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goals! Join us for a series of virtual lessons and introductions into what we do.

The LIFE Project includes: This virtual course will cover 4 lessons based on 10 years of research and 8 expeditions around South Africa. This course introduces you to 4 project categories and includes 4 project introductions based on our research and linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goals. These are linked to the following:

Food | Water | Education | Health

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This mini-course is part of a collection of modules in the Global Goals series.

Courses in this Global Goals series are designed to connect the United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goals with an online introduction to projects linked to The Expedition Project.

Participants can make use of this before, during, after or instead of visiting any of our project in person.

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