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Hi everyone!
I will be undertaking a charity sky dive in August, in order to raise money for Zululand Conservation Trust!
Zululand Conservation Trust are a non-profit organisation that work to preserve and protect the land and its wildlife. I am very passionate about Zululand Conservation Trust‘s work after visiting their rhino orphanage at the beginning of this year. It was an amazing experience to see all the work that goes into rehabilitating and eventually releasing orphaned rhinos. The time, effort and money that goes into all of their projects is incredible and it is required to help save the rhino population.

Zululand Conservation Trust also works very closely with the African Pangolin Working Group, in order to rescue pangolins from the illegal wildlife trade and eventually release them onto local reserves. Pangolins are the most trafficked animals in the world, due to the high demand for their scales. Zululand Conservation Trust helps put pangolins through release programs and helps to monitor them after release, in order to make sure they are adjusting to their environments well.

Not only does Zululand Conservation Trust help better the lives of wildlife, but they also work very closely with local communities in order to bridge the skill and poverty gap. They help through crèche building, assisting local communities, food security projects and much more. During my time with Zululand Conservation Trust I was lucky enough to go out into the communities and help paint a local crèche. This was an amazing way for me to help a community and also to create something that would be used in the community for many years to come.

I have set a goal to raise £1,000 – Please donate if you can, Thank you!

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3 reviews for Madeline Lang (Zululand Conservation Trust)

  1. Roger

    Post your public messages for Maddy right here!

  2. Deborah Lang (verified owner)

    Way to go Maddy!

  3. Jordanne Hawksworth (verified owner)

    University of Nottingham, UK

    This is an amazing thing to do – I hope you hit your goal for this incredible organisation🦏Xx

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