Kids Membership

£2.50 / month with 1 week free trial

Our Kids Membership is your gateway to ongoing content, courses, support and project updates.

Designed by our collaboration of worldwide students and ambassadors and South African projects and small businesses.

Here’s what you get:

Access to kids related content – blogs, articles, career advice, mentoring, free courses and more | 25% discount on certain paying courses & Project Shop purchases | Accumulate badges and certificates for courses and online volunteering

This Social Enterprise model means instead of, or in addition to, donating a similar amount per month to charity, you receive free and discounted content created by our collaboration with a percentage of your membership fee going direct to our Conservation Collaboration fund.

You will make your monthly membership fee back with just one Project Shop purchase!


Are you under 16? Are you interested in conservation or would like to find out more about what you, your family and your friends can do to protect our precious animals and world?

Then this is the membership plan for you!

Our Kids Membership plan gives you access to ongoing courses and content relevant to you, your school work and your hobbies.


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