Insects (Conservation Kids)


Out soon! | Beginner | Ages 3- 7 | Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation | Conservation Kids Online series

It is time for an online sea exploration! Join us in our virtual journey as we look at our little friends, the world of – Insects!

Insects includes: Storytime, Puppet Show, Word Waves, Paper Play, Craft Time and Bedtime Rhymes. Plus lots of ways you can help and plenty of fun quizzes!

You will not only be learning about some sea stories, but you will also be supporting the conservation efforts made by several organizations that research, protect, and fund-raise eco-systems and wildlife areas around South Africa.

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This one is for the little ones. Aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 7 years old, we have created various short clips, that are anywhere between three and four minutes long, to entertain and educate your child. Puppets Geo and Thalie, the hosts of the show, introduce various segments, such as Word Waves and Story Time. In Word Waves, Teacher Wafiqah uses amazing claymation to talk about different shapes, colours and letters. Teacher Aisha uses Story Time to talk to the kids about the featured animal in each episode, often with real examples, like Bob the green turtle. We also get your toddler off the couch with Fit Fishies, a short exercise clip that imitates the movements of penguins, otters and seals. In each module, there is also a craft video that you can do at home.

This mini-course is part of a collection of modules in the Conservation Kids series called Sea Stories, especially for under 6’s.

Courses under the Conservation Kids category include the topics – Wildlife Conservation and Endangered Animals: Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Jaguars, Cheetah, Rhino, Elephants, Penguin and lesser-known animals like Oribi, Riverine Rabbit, Reedfrog, Golden Mole; Marine Animals and Creatures: Plankton, Penguins, Fish and Marine Mammals; Climate Change; Junior Environmental Activism and more!

This mini-course is also part of a collection of modules in the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation series.

Courses in the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation category are designed as an online introduction to some of the most inspiring conservation and marine projects that the Two Oceans Aquarium are involved in. Using these introductions you can then move on to linked courses in the Virtual Volunteering, Marine Biology, Ecology or Conservation in Action series where you can do academic modules and/or volunteering tasks from home.

Note: These modules have been adapted from the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation‘s ‘Spunky Sea Stories’ series which was previously aired on South African television. Spunky is an informal adjective often used in South Africa meaning “courageous and determined”.


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