Environmental Education (Amakhala Foundation)


It is time for an online journey to visit the Amakhala Foundation and how they connect to the Amakhala Game Reserve, nearby communities, the expedition project and to the United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goals.

The Environmental Education module includes: Project introductions and location specifics and then a look at working with age groups from 3 to 18 in the fields of Environmental Education and how this connects to the surrounding communities and the Amakhala Game Reserve.

Discounted with student / volunteer membership.



This mini-course is part of a collection of modules in the Amakhala Foundation series.

Courses in the Project Introduction category are designed as an online introduction to some of the most inspiring projects in South Africa. Using these introductions you can then move onto linked courses in the Virtual VolunteeringConservation In Action, Ecology or Conservation Kids series where you can do academic modules and/or volunteering tasks from home.

Participants can make use of this before, during, after or instead of visiting any of our projects in person.


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