Cheetah Management (Wildlife Vet Online)


This course is ideal for veterinary students as well as other biosciences like ecology, zoology and wildlife conservation.

Modules under the Wildlife Vet Online category will be released one at a time and include the topics – Animal Behaviour; Animal Identification and Tracking Techniques; Anti-Poaching; Antibiotics and Supportive Medication; Capture Equipment and Methods; Cheetah Management; Conservation and Wildlife Education in the Community; Game Reserve Management; Modern Conservation; Parasites; Ranger and Vet Stories; Rhino Revolution – dehorning, poaching etc; Safety Practices; Tranquilizers, Sedatives and Opioids, Sanctuaries, Rehabilitation and Rescue Centres; Wildlife and Field Management.

Part 1 – Cheetah Management (120 minutes)

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The course is part of a series courses in the Wildlife Vet range.

It is designed as an online version of the hands-on Clinical Extra-Mural Studies experience available with projects like Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre  & Amakhala Game Reserve, and the Animal Husbandry experience available with projects like Kariega Conservation and Zululand Rhino Orphanage – where volunteers and students will be involved with reserve and sanctuary management and wildlife conservation in South Africa.

Cheetah Management includes: Neonatal Mortalities, Vitamin Deficiencies and Supplements; Anaesthetics; Relocation; Darting Systems and Techniques; DNA Testing and Sampling; Vaccination Programs; Diseases and Treatments; Internal and External Parasites; Control Antibiotics; Orphan Rearing.

“The course is so impressive and Dr Rogers’ videos are fantastic. Really good content with clear explanations. It’s a fantastic resource for those wanting to do wildlife medicine – it feels really valuable from a veterinary aspect.” ~ Nirvana, University of Edinburgh

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