Biomimicry As a Way of Being (Biomimicry Online)

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Module 1 | 1.5 hours | 11 lessons | All Levels | All Ages | Sue Swain (BioWise) | Biomimicry Online series

This course is ideal for those passionate about our world and the sustainable possibilities, as well as students involved with biomimicry, engineering and bioscience studies and fields relating to wildlife conservation & environmental management.

Module 1 includes:

  • 30 minutes on-demand video
  • 1 hour of extra resources
  • Full access while a member
  • Certificate of completion


  • An introduction to Biomimicry as a new way of viewing, valuing and engaging with the natural world and discovering the secrets to thriving on earth includes an overview of where we have come from.
  • Where we are now and where we could head to…with the right inspiration and through the practice of biomimicry.


  • You should be able to use a PC at beginner level.
  • An interest in the world around us and how we can better fit in.
  • An interest in nature would be an advantage.

Why this course is ideal for you:

  • A precursor to studying biomimicry as an innovation and design methodology.
  • A means to deepen your connection and engage with the living world.
  • A means to broaden one’s horizons, perspectives and understanding of the system of which we are part.
  • A means of developing the critical thinking and system thinking skills needed to solve our sustainability challenges.
  • A means of understanding what it means to live wisely and well within our planetary home and how to do so.

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Biomimicry Online is a journey of discovery into Nature’s genius and the concept and practice of biomimicry.

Developed by Sue Swain and hosted by The Expedition Project, Biomimicry Online aims to complement existing online biomimicry courses out there by focusing not on biomimicry as an approach to innovation, but instead as a way of being, a way of life.  Biomimicry is essentially the practice of Reconnecting with, Learning from and Emulating Nature’s genius and in Biomimicry as a Way of Being, our Reconnect element focuses on three things: i) re-establishing relationship with Life on Earth…learning to live again in relationship with the rest of Nature.  ii) reconnecting with our extraordinary planetary home and importantly, iii) reconnecting with ourselves as fellow earth-based beings.   Of course, biomimicry isn’t biomimicry without learning from Nature and in this, we focus on discovering lessons for living wisely on earth from our planetary elders – the plants, animals and microbes and the ecosystems/communities in which they live – and we look at how we can start applying those lessons in our daily lives.  As such, Biomimicry Online (Biomimicry as a way of Being) , is not just for designers, architects and engineers – it is for each and every one of us.

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Biomimicry Online topics include: Understand the ethos of biomimicry, Explore, celebrate and appreciate Nature’s earth-savvy genius, Learn the art of donning new lenses enabling us to see and think differently, Develop the art of asking the questions that really matter, Develop the skill of seeing the bigger picture, connecting the dots, thinking in systems, Discover and unpack the secrets to a sustainable world (Life’s Principles), discover how those principles can be made applicable to how we live our lives.

As part of this experience, we also offer you the opportunity to be part of establishing a community of thought leaders, change-makers and action-takers for positive transformative change.

On this journey, you will discover and experience the art of looking at Nature differently, you will develop a newfound respect and awe for the natural world, you will discover, celebrate and learn how to learn from Nature’s genius, you will be given a fresh perspective that will open up opportunities to think differently, to act differently and to live more fully.  And you will learn how to re-enter into relationship with all of life on earth.

Read more about Sue Swain here.

Read more about BioWise here.

5 reviews for Biomimicry As a Way of Being (Biomimicry Online)

  1. Izzy (NUVZS)

    Nottingham , United Kingdom

    This course was so interesting and inspiring. I recently felt a duty to reconnect with earth more and become more eco-friendly and I discovered over the course of Biomimicry online that this was my Biomimicist inside awakening! It was amazing to discover that biomimicry as a way of being was an over-arching field that encompasses how we should be living as humans. Sue introduces the concepts in a really exciting way and always leaves enough to be desired at the end of each segment to keep you endlessly clicking through the course to find out more! Excited to learn about some of the more specific examples of how biomimicry inspires specific engineering feats in upcoming courses.

  2. Joanna Elizabeth (DVWCS)

    Edinburgh, Scotland

    I honestly don’t think I have the words to describe how much I connected with this concept and this course. Sue calls the concept of biomimicry a “re-awakening” and I think that is the perfect way to describe how I found it. Every piece of information that was presented just clicked with me and the self-reflection tasks allowed me to deepen and develop my own views and thoughts on the concepts which were presented so clearly. I would recommend this course to absolutely anyone! From people who have a background in biology to people who just want to help make better decisions for our planet.

  3. Katrina (DVWCS)

    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Absolutely outstanding course that will revolutionize your thinking and humble you into thinking of new innovative ways to solve problems you are presented with. The course is presented in a stunning way, easily accessible to you not matter your background.

  4. Cinzia Parma (verified owner)

    Nj USA

    A beautiful course that helped me to connect more with Nature and reflect in how I can improve my daily life and trust more my intuition.

  5. Cinzia Parma (verified owner)


    Biomimicry Online Module 1 was so inspiring that I immediately subscribed for all the other Modules!

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