Animal Identification (Junior Wildlife Vet)


It is time for an online wildlife vet experience! Are you interested in becoming a vet? Then this is just for you!

You will not only be learning about some fascinating animals, but you will also be supporting the conservation efforts made by several organisations that research, protect and fund-raise eco-systems and wildlife areas around South Africa.

More to come in this series!

Only £10,00 £7,50 with kids / student membership.

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Enter into the world of a Wildlife Vet by exploring animal facts, skulls, sounds, tracks, and even poo!

You will also be introduced to vets in-training as well as some of the most famous wildlife vets in the world!

Join us for an online journey to learn from current veterinary students and what they are learning.

Each module has lessons and a quiz and includes a collaboration of content.

Where does your money go?

Find out more on our Social Enterprise model here.

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