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Our All Access Vet Membership plan gives you 100% discounted vet related courses and content any time you want!

Here’s what you get:

100% access to all Wildlife Vet Online opportunities and courses – never pay for a vet related item with this ultimate all access vet pass!

20-50% discount on all other courses.

PLUS: early release access to courses as they are developed.

This Social Enterprise model means instead of, or in addition to, donating a similar amount per month to charity, you receive free and discounted content created by our collaboration with a percentage of your membership fee going direct to our Conservation Collaboration fund.

The best value for money vet offer we have!

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  • +User Account
  • +Route Planner
  • +Full Live Stream Access
  • +Full Resources Access
  • +Full Certificate Access
  • +Virtual Volunteering Courses
  • +Global Goals Courses
  • +Medium Eco-shop Discounts
  • +100% Conference Discounts
  • +100% Vet Courses Discounts
  • +50% Specific Academic Courses Discounts
  • +Variable Live Event Discounts

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“They value creating a little community which I really like and I am not 100% sure you’d get that with bigger organisations.” ~ Jordanne, University of Nottingham.
“The course (Wildlife Vet Online – linked to this membership) is so impressive and Dr Rogers’ videos are fantastic. Really good content with clear explanations. It’s a fantastic resource for those wanting to do wildlife medicine – it feels really valuable from a veterinary aspect.” ~ Nirvana, University of Edinburgh.
“I want a pursue a career as a wildlife vet so feel that this course (Wildlife Vet Online – linked to this membership) has been invaluable. I absolutely loved it!” ~ Chloe, Royal Veterinary College, London

4 reviews for All Access Vet Membership

  1. Safiyyah Kader

    Bristol, England

    The Vet related courses through TEP are incredible. The learning opportunities are so interesting and the website is so easy to use. I am truly enjoying working my way through the courses, watching surgeries, doing the quizzes and experiencing wildlife medicine more. 100% recommend!

  2. Vibha Subbiah

    Rajasthan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences , India

    Its wildlife medicine in a way thats never been documented and/or shared before. Period. The videos walk you through all the procedures step by step and you can truly see the standards that Dr Roger and his veterinary team maintain, from the darting till the end if the procedure. Its everything an aspiring wildlife veterinarian would need as a glimpse into their career. Absolutely reccomend.

  3. Nadine


    The all access vet membership is an amazing opportunity for every aspiring wildlife vet. The modules not only include information on taxonomy, biology, particular medical characteristics and relevant aspects of conservation of the respective species, but also great graphic material and case studies, which help you to review and apply your newly gained knowledge.

  4. Karina Khatic

    Trinidad and Tobago

    A truly outstanding opportunity for future Wildlife veterinarians. The modules encapsulate such profound information that just keeps you wanting to learn more! The all access vet membership is really amazing and I recommend it for all wildlife veterinary enthusiasts! The intricacy of the videos and resources makes this membership absolutely worth it! 100% recommend! You will not have any second thoughts about this!

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