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Our All Access Pass Membership plan gives you 100% discounted courses and content any time you want!

Here’s what you get:

Biomimicry Online
Conservation Kids
Conservation in Action
Ecology Online
Global Goals Online
Junior Wildlife Vet
Marine Biology Online
Online Conferences
Virtual Volunteering
Wildlife Vet Online

PLUS: early release access to courses as they are developed.

*Some fundraising based courses / events may not be 100% discounted  

This Social Enterprise model means instead of, or in addition to, donating a similar amount per month to charity, you receive free and discounted content created by our collaboration with a percentage of your membership fee going direct to our Conservation Collaboration fund.

The best value for money offer we have!

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  • +User Accounts
  • +Route Planner
  • +Full Live Stream Access
  • +Full Resources Access
  • +Full Certificate Access
  • +Virtual Volunteering Courses
  • +Global Goals Courses
  • +Medium Eco-shop Discounts
  • +100% Conference Discounts
  • +100% Vet Courses Discounts
  • +50% Specific Academic Courses Discounts
  • +Variable Live Event Discounts

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“They value creating a little community which I really like and I am not 100% sure you’d get that with bigger organisations.” ~ Jordanne, University of Nottingham.
“The course (Wildlife Vet Online – linked to this membership) is so impressive and Dr Rogers’ videos are fantastic. Really good content with clear explanations. It’s a fantastic resource for those wanting to do wildlife medicine – it feels really valuable from a veterinary aspect.” ~ Nirvana, University of Edinburgh.
“I want a pursue a career as a wildlife vet so feel that this course (Wildlife Vet Online – linked to this membership) has been invaluable. I absolutely loved it!” ~ Chloe, Royal Veterinary College, London

5 reviews for All Access Pass Membership

  1. Orla Shipway

    Liverpool University ,

    This package is fantastic! You get access to so many different subject areas and it makes me want to pursue a career in conservation more and more. Definitely worth it!

  2. Katrina (DVWCS)

    RDSVS (UofE), Scotland

    An amazing range of material included! An investment very much worth it, especially if you’re thinking of conservation or wildlife-veterinary work in the future as the courses cover everything from basics-specifics!

  3. Yashaswini (RVCZS)

    Royal Veterinary College, United Kingdom

    The amount of material you get with this pass is truly spectacular and I find myself refferring to the course material again and agian between my vet school classes to add on to what I’ve been taught! A great way to learn more about wildlife medicine at your own pace 🙂

  4. Nicole Hartman

    IVSA, United States

    The All Access Pass it beyond amazing! You truly get so much from the experience and are able to diversify your learning. Everything from veterinary medicine, conservation, and biomimicry to junior wildlife content, volunteering opportunities, and early access to new content. It is helpful, easy to use, and a great way to get involved with African wildlife without the need to travel if you can’t. Especially now with COVID, this has been the best way to continue to develop my passion. What is better it is does not stop there! The opportunities and chances to get involved keep coming!

  5. Emily Rue

    University of Edinburgh, Scotland

    Having an all access pass has been a wonderful tool while going through vet school. It makes it so I can do courses at my own pace, but also having the availability to do any course I would like. I really feel as if these courses have helped me be a better student because they make the material I’m learning in school more interesting. I would highly recommend an all access pass to anyone who wants greater knowledge of the wildlife veterinary field! You certainly won’t regret having access to such amazing teachers like Dr. Rogers, who teaches knowledge which would be difficult to find elsewhere. 10/10 would recommend.

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