Dancing Fish Gallery, Louis Trichardt

The Dancing Fish is a superb art gallery depicting the growth and mix of several different cultures in Limpopo and their specific style and influence in the context of arts and crafts. Depending on the locations of the Venda people or the Hantaman people they would, like any artists around the world, take influence from their surroundings and their environmental resources. Whether it is stone carvings, wooden cooking tools, metal weapons, or beaded decorations, it is all depicted here in an informative and colourful way.

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A rich experience of local stories and customs

The Dancing Fish symbolism apparently is hard to trace in the work however the fish theme was a recurring one and hence the name and logo of the gallery. This project, the guest house and the gallery is only going from strength to strength and the owners hope to further encourage participation, depict art of all local forms and educate locals and tourists.


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