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For millions of years, rhinos have supported other lifeforms in their ecosystem. But what support have they received from us?

On our watch, they are disappearing. Currently, rhino deaths outnumber births. All for a belief that their horns have medicinal properties and convey status.

Our ultimate goal is to see rhinos walk free. Until then, we are committed to protecting and repopulating the species to prevent white rhino extinction.

To date, we have celebrated more than 130 rhino births at Rockwood.

But the battle to save rhinos from extinction is far from over. And we cannot win without your support.

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Save the Rhino

Born out of a dream of one man, Wicus Diedericks, Rockwood was transformed in 2013 from a cattle and sheep farm into 30,000 acres dedicated to the protection of wild rhinos and endemic species.

We take an aggressive stance to rhino conservation. While living under 24-hour security surveillance is not how rhinos would typically live in the wild, it is our best bet in keeping them safe from their biggest threats: expanding human settlement and agriculture, unchecked illegal poaching, and human apathy.

We now have 300-plus Southern white rhinos in our care and have celebrated more than 130 births, making us one of the world’s largest and most successful private rhino conservation projects.


Rhino horn poaching is a cruel and senseless act. The horns are made from keratin, meaning they are akin to fingernails and not worth the vast sums paid for them. But aside from this fact, there is an even bigger picture.Saving the wild rhino is also crucial to conserving Africa’s ecosystems and, consequently, Earth’s habitability for humans.Why? The rhino is a keystone species, which means other species depend on them for their survival. Their disappearance will set off a chain of events that will change the structure and biodiversity of the environment irrevocably.


We employ an aggressive conservation approach, which includes round-the-clock security using surveillance cameras and horse-mounted rangers.• Rockwood collaborates with research experts like the groundbreaking Hemmersbach Rhino Force Cryovault project to further the study of rhino conservation.• Repopulating areas with Southern white rhino with a focus on increasing genetic diversity and preventing genetic stagnation.

Responsible relocation of rhinos, which helps restore biodiversity and the continued survival of the species.

Rhino Reproduction

At Rockwood, we hand rear orphaned newborn rhinos. This is a critical step in preventing rhino extinction because every rhino born adds to their dwindling numbers. They need ongoing care and observation, and we love them like our children. We
even bottle-feed them every two hours.


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