Red Cedar, Clanwilliam (Wupperthal)


Wupperthal was founded in 1830 by the Rev. Johann Gottlieb Leipoldt of the Rhenish Missionary Society. He purchased the farm “Rietmond” on behalf of the church and named it Wupperthal because it reminded him of the valley of the Wupper River. In the 1960’s Wupperthal was a Rhenish mission station and after that was ceded to the Moravian church.

Travelling to Wupperthal is not for the faint-hearted. From Clanwilliam one travels across the Pakhuis Pass, descending into the breathtaking Biedouw valley. The not-too-easy road takes the traveller through the Cedarberg and down to the lovely green oasis of Wupperthal. The original church and school, built in 1834 and 1842 respectively are still being used. The town is tranquil and the buildings mostly unspoilt due to the remoteness of the area.

Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) grows in the wild around Wupperthal but Red Cedar does not encourage wild-harvesting and uses only cultivated plant material. South African folklore contains many claims regarding the health benefits of Rooibos and these have been supported by scientific studies. Rooibos contains antioxidants that combat ageing and is helpful in treating skin allergies and eczema. It is particularly suitable for babies with their sensitive skin. Red Cedar products contain rooibos extract and other natural ingredients such as honey, shea butter and aloe and are delicately fragranced with natural essential oils, rather than synthetic aromas.

The Red Cedar product range includes high-quality rooibos based hand-made soaps and body products such as liquid hand wash, shampoo, foam bath, body lotion, shower gel and an environmentally-friendly room spray. The Rooibos and aloe gel is very successful in the treatment of eczema, sores, insect bites and burns. The rooibos body scrub with apricot kernels contains essential oils, which will improve the appearance of unsightly cellulite. The product will also remove hard and dry skin on knees and elbows.


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