It all started with a simple goal: to plant 1000 trees in 1 month in under-greened townships of Cape Town. In 2010, a group of 10 friends fundraised, researched appropriate planting locations, gathered like-minded individuals and the campaign came together. After the final tree had been planted, they went back to their day jobs but people were calling asking to volunteer and the Greenpop organisation was born. Today, they plant trees through urban greening and reforestation projects, spread environmental awareness, and activate people through green festivals and workshops across Southern Africa.

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It's a Treevolution!

We envisage a world where green spaces and green living are POPular and accessible to everyone.


  1. We believe in (re)connecting people with our planet. We have become disconnected from nature, our beautiful planet and only home. If we (re)connect with nature and each other in meaningful ways, we believe that caring for our planet will become second nature.
  2. We believe in getting active (not anxious) about the future of our planet. There are a lot of doom and gloom messages out there and it makes us stressed out, anxious and even apathetic. We believe that positivity and action are the best ways to motivate change.
  3. We believe that changing the world is fun. When we give back and create value for the earth and our fellow human beings, joy is created – changing our own lives and changing the world. We’re on a mission to have fun and share this joy with as many people as possible.
  4. We believe in making greening POPular. We’re on a mission to popularise environmentalism – making it accessible to everyone, appealing, creative and fun!


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