Game Drive, Amakhala Reserve


Amakhala Game Reserve is located 18 000 acres in Eastern Cape of South Africa began in 1999 as a joint conservation venture between the owners of six lodges who are direct descendants of the original Frontier settlers some five generations ago and arrived here with the British settlers of 1820. The families originally settled to farm sheep and cattle on the wild and often hostile Zuurveld. During 2011 the original members of the Amakhala and the Lion Roars Group created a joint Marketing agreement and brand rejuvenation for the malaria-free Amakhala Game Reserve. The joint marketing agreement now includes 11 properties within the Reserve that fall under a unified marketing umbrella and brand of  ‘Amakhala Game Reserve: A Pride Member of Lion Roars’. This exciting development has allowed the 7,500ha Amakhala to promote and showcase itself as the premier Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape. Amakhala Game Reserve is a unique conservation initiative that allows animals to be re-introduced to the area where they once roamed freely and so making a contribution to the conservation of our natural heritage. The land was used to ranch sheep and cattle up to the turn of the century. The challenge has been to re-establish the original flora and fauna species to the area and to return the land to nature. It makes for a wonderful safari and game drive destination!

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