Bonnie People Project, Bonnievale

Bonnie People is a community development project in Bonnievale, Western Cape. The Project is an Early Childhood Development Centre, After School Care facility and Skills Development Centre, registered with the Department of Social Development.

The vision for Bonnie People is to assist the inhabitants of the settlement in building and developing sustainable components within their community, focusing on the future of the children.

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Self-esteem, daily care, trust, feeling loved and cared for


Bonnie People strives to care for all the children of the settlement at all possible levels, whether it be food, daily care, schooling, clothing, transport, developing social skills, building self-esteem and trust or just simply feeling loved and cared for.

The needs will keep changing, with new members filtering in and new challenges arising, but the overall aim is to assist this community in maintaining traditional values, dignity, humanity and faith in their fellow citizens.  The aim is to help them develop the skills they need to optimise their abilities as successful individuals in our society.

Youth development

An outreach program highlighted older children’s need for an after-school facility, as many of them had no place to go after school, whilst living in a vulnerable society.  In addition, it became evident there is a great need for literacy programmes as many children have their school careers interrupted, resulting in school leavers who only attended school for a very short period.

This project is vital to the reduction of drug use, gangs and hooliganism by the youth, as well as aiding in the prevention of child/teen pregnancies. This is achieved by keeping the children out of environments where they may have bad influences, providing them with a safe haven to go to when they need, as well as giving guidance to set the children on a non-destructive life path.

“Hope View” Youth Development Centre: Over 12 years we have become the accepted and respected guardians of this community and whatever issues arise, they are always brought to our attention. From this platform of trust, we aim to nurture a wholesome, sustainable future for the youth. From 2015 we are embarking on young adult skills training that can lead to entrepreneurship, employability and viable independence. We dream of a dedicated building.


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