We woke to a misty morning, but Lettie and Lisa were not deterred. They fearlessly joined the fence patrol team whose responsibility it is to ensure the security of the Amakhala Game Reserve perimetre. Truth be told… Dedos did all the work with his handy little voltage metre and bag of tools, while Debbie skillfully navigated the dirt tracks.

In addition to having a great time and learning how much work it is to actually maintain a game fence, they also managed to squeeze in some game viewing and spotted a rare blue duiker and large herd of giraffe. They also crossed paths with the Amakhala ecologist who was tracking the cheetah who were due to be relocated to the Free State – marking the first time in over 100 years that wild cheetah would roam freely in that province.


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The EXPEDITION Project © Images by Lettie Irving and Lisa Scriven

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