Wildlife Vet Online Live 17

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Recorded: 1st March 2022

LIVE with: World renown wildlife vet, Dr Peter Rogers (BVSc) and Terry-Lee Honiball (Large Carnivore Ecologist)

Topic: African Wild Dog – Veterinary Medicine (Dr Peter Rogers) and Ecology (Terry-Lee Honiball)

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You can join in with the discussions and ask questions via the below collaborating university society pages:

Primary collaborators:

Nottingham – Nottingham University Veterinary Zoological Society

Edinburgh – Dick Vet Wildlife Conservation Society

London – RVC Zoological Society

Secondary collaborators:

Bristol – Bristol University Veterinary Zoological Society

Liverpool – Liverpool University Veterinary Zoological Society

Glasgow – Glasgow University Veterinary Zoological Society

Worldwide – International Veterinary Students Association – Wild & Exotic Animals Community

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14 responses to “Wildlife Vet Online Live 17”

  1. Yashaswini Modak says:

    Can you comment on the relationship humans have with wild dogs and how we are currently a threat to them ?

  2. Yashaswini Modak says:

    What factors do you think contribute to their success rates as predators? – Yashu 🙂

  3. Nadia van der Goes says:

    Do individuals in a pack of wild dogs get an equal share of the prey? If not, how do they divide the prey that they catch?

  4. Nadia van der Goes says:

    As a carnivore, how much parasite transmission is there from the prey the wild dogs eat? Also, do the weakest prey in a herd have the largest parasite load?

  5. Izzy Beardwood says:

    I was reading about how the dominant male and female produce the majority of pups for a group of dogs, is this reducing genetic diversity within the species?

  6. Izzy Beardwood says:

    Are there any wild dog and domestic dog interactions and do these have any impact on the species~ spread of disease, mating etc.

  7. Orla Shipway says:

    Do you often work with livestock farmers to stop them shooting dogs and how do you go about that?

  8. Joshua Howell says:

    When would you intervene in a case where an African Wild Dog was injured, would you intervene, how would you go about isolating and treating the animal away from the herd and then how would you release it back into the wild or is this not possible? Thank you.

  9. Max (RVCZS) says:

    Living in large packs with usually one dominant breeding pair, could you talk about pup rearing in African Wild Dogs? Is the responsibility shared by non parental members of the pack?

  10. Max (RVCZS) says:

    When you intervene and treat individual wild dogs, do you also give them any vaccinations? If so, do you vaccinate for similar pathogens found in domestic dogs?

  11. katrina.shlyak says:

    If treating a wild dog do you screen for any diseases or issues that would cause them to be unreleasable? Similar to how feral cats are something screened for FIV and FeLV

  12. Nicole Hartman says:

    Do wild dogs struggle to compete with other larger, dominant predators or are other predators much of a threat to their population compared with humans?

  13. Klara Mühlemann says:

    Are the dogs patterns individually unique? Similar to fingerprints?

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