Biomimicry Online Live 6

Recorded: 4th November 2021

Topic: Remembering Who We Are and Reconnecting With Self

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5 responses to “Biomimicry Online Live 6”

  1. Cinzia says:

    Dear Sue, don’t you also feel that our separation from Nature is just a symptom of a deeper problem. We commit to plant trees – perhaps to feel good or to distract – and at the same time we destroy forests and ecosystems that take millions of years to form. Trees don’t need to be planted. They existed long before us. Thank you.

  2. Elzette says:

    That was an enticing introduction. I am definitely signing up for the whole course!

  3. Cinzia Parma says:

    Question for Livestream #7
    “Have we gone too far?”
    Much like human-made noises, all our actions seem increasingly inadequate and out of sync with the priorities of living.
    When facing crisis we want quick solutions that take us back to the “normal” in which there is also our relentless destruction of Nature.
    I am worried that – having separated this much – we may not be able to return to a simple cooperation in which each organism takes only what it presently needs.
    Thank you

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