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Our growing collection of mini-courses is a doorway into the conservation industry, presenting content directly from wildlife veterinariansecologistsand game reserves. We’ve packaged our course topics as individual modules to make them accessible and affordable, while also allowing learners to mix and match their own learning programmes.

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Choose your projects – Depending on the project you will have the option to visit a project for a few hours (tourist option), join a project for a few days (experience option) or make a difference on a project for 1 to 4+ weeks (volunteer option).

Choose your accommodation, restaurants, and activities – Our unique approach means we support and are supported by hospitality partners who work with inspiring projects in their local communities.

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Search our listed destinations and design your perfect self-drive roadtrip: Our partners, which include projects, hospitality establishments and local businesses, are our collaborators across Southern Africa - allowing you to connect with as much of a town or community as possible. Let us help you design the perfect adventure for you in your own vehicle or join one of our tried and tested roadtrips. Start designing your experience here.

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Get learning and volunteering: With a growing number of online opportunities, virtual volunteering and e-learning courses to choose from, there is something for everyone. From the 155 projects we have personally visited, you can choose from our featured projects and join as a virtual volunteer, find out how to join them in-person, or learn via our selection of online courses. Start your online journey here.

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Support us and our projects through donations: You can make a once-off donation to individual projects as and when you are able, set up a monthly donation to a specific project or projects or set up a monthly donation direct to The Expedition Project and we will donate on your behalf to the projects who need it most each month. Read about the projects who need donations here.

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