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“The EXPEDITION Project managed to combine something i have not yet seen in a volunteer project. Joining the team during 2012 i visited not only numerous towns, communities and landscapes across diverse South Africa, but was able to participate in community, conservation and tourism projects in 7 provinces. The EXPEDITION Project has created a network of like minded people, projects and establishments all over South Africa and by doing so i managed to stay over at some of the nicest lodges, game farms and B&B’s as well as sample local food as part of the project. You have the option of staying over at some of the static projects for longer periods of time before being collected again or you can stay on the road with the roaming team. I chose the latter and with that came the best 6 months of my life!
Anyone reading this may think “what is the point in visiting so many towns over such a short period of time, there is no way you can make an impact in that time” and you would not be wrong in thinking that, however The EXPEDITION Project’s 2012 agenda is to identify projects throughout South Africa in order to develop working partnerships with them for the years to come. While doing this identification process i have had the ability to see loads of places and meet so many people. This way it has given me a broader perspective on the country and its issues. Working on The EXPEDITION Project this was gives you a chance to see exactly what type of project you can spend longer periods of time with in the future.”

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