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“When I decided to come to South Africa and do my internship at Nourish, I never thought about travelling during my Easter Holiday. I heard about The EXPEDITION Project and I thought ‘Why not?’. Little did I know how this 16 days of travelling would change my life.
The EXPEDITION Project in 2018 was a 16-day road trip through South Africa. Every day we travelled to different places along the coast. We started in Johannesburg and we ended up in Cape Town. I have seen so many beautiful places – but if I have to name one memorable place, for me, it would be Coffee Bay. Oh, I love the ocean and what I loved the most about Coffee Bay were the waves! They were so high and I could not stop myself from jumping into them. I left a little piece of my heart in that ocean!
I liked how we could also be a part of charities. We planted Moringa trees, we played with kids at a school for kids left parentless, we rode horses on the beach and many more things. It feels great how we could enjoy beautiful moments and support a good cause at the same time. Besides exploring this beautiful country, I’ve met a lot of awesome people during our stay in backpackers and I made some new friendships. We travelled with a small but lovely group of 4 people from different countries; Austria, South Africa, Canada and Belgium and they made this trip complete! There wasn’t one day we didn’t laugh, we’ve had a lot of fun together. The three people I have travelled with have already visited quite a few countries and because this was my first real trip, I enjoyed listening to their stories. They convinced me to travel further and make my dreams come true.I really want to thank the organizations that made this rally possible. You have shown me beautiful places and people and I can say that I really enjoyed this experience! It was not only the best vacation ever, but it changed my life. I know what I want now; travelling and discovering what more the world has to offer.”

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