Place in the Sun

Deidre Samson, global marketing manager for Place in the Sun, said: “Place in the Sun is inspired by the fresh, positive approach of The EXPEDITION Project to finding sustainable solutions to community problems and in developing strategies that encourage people to make their own change. It provides a very well-matched fit with our own positioning, which is about facilitating trade rather than aid through our Fairtrade accreditation.

“Growers are paid a premium for their grapes harvested for Place in the Sun that is directed towards social development of the wine-farm workers involved. They decide on how the funds are to be spent. Currently, premiums are funding early learning projects; tuition and school uniforms at schools of choice amongst farm workers; stepped up sporting activities; and the creation of a vegetable garden to improve nutrition amongst local communities.

“Through the Place in the Sun website, we are also creating our own network, encouraging wine lovers to converse online about projects they know of, that have been developed to make a difference and help people and communities find their place in the sun.”

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