Dr Rogers to the Rescue at HESC

Dr Rogers started his career at HESC 35 years ago and now he is on call for minor and major injuries at the centre. 2023 has already been a busy year for him and the HESC team.

Case #1

The HESC team discovered that one of Philipina’s cubs (the female King cheetah cub) had a growth on her hip. Dr Rogers came to the rescue once more to treat her and cut out the growth. She will now be kept in the clinic so that she can be monitored and allow the wound to heal well.

Case #2

The HESC team noticed that one of their male cheetahs was unable to open one eye, so again Dr Rogers was called in to investigate. Cheetahs can pick up eye issues when grass seeds get into their eyes and cause irritation. The cheetah was darted to sedate him so that Dr Rogers could have a closer look. No grass seeds were visible, but when medication was administered, Dr Rogers noticed the eye ulcer. After shaving the eye area, stitches were placed over the eye to keep it closed and allow the ulcer to heal. This will take around 3 weeks, during which time the cheetah will be monitored closely. Thankfully, he was peaceful during the whole procedure.

HESC are now happy to report that following Dr Rogers’ follow-up to remove the stitches – the eye has healed!

Images and details by HESC

Learn more about Dr Rogers’ work and HESC

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