The FOOD Project (Virtual Volunteering)

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In this course you will discover unique South African organisations that work tirelessly to make a meaningful difference in their communities. You will also have the opportunity to support them in real life, by creating material that will enable them to address specific challenges.

Successful completion of the course will give you access to our growing database of virtual volunteering opportunities.

How it works

Our courses are developed by our team of worldwide ambassadors and made in collaboration with the projects we work with in South Africa.

This online volunteer experience will involve a collection of courses. This is one of several virtual volunteering courses which will contain a selection of projects and project tasks.

Please note: By submitting this task your name will be added to the source list, however your content will become open source content and can be freely edited without your permission.

Once you submit a task (sometimes labelled as a quiz) we aim to have it graded with feedback within 48 hours / 2 business days.

Some lessons may require you to click the COMPLETE LESSON button at the bottom of the page to proceed – do not forget to do this if you are having issues viewing any of the lessons.

What you need

Laptop or PC preferable, rather than mobile phone.

You may encounter issues on Mac Safari browsers. Other browsers are preferred.

Where to take the course

Take this course from anywhere in the world at any time you want.

When to take the course

Complete the course at your own pace or all in one go. Take this course at any time you want and take as long as you want to complete it.

Why your help matters

The tasks are crucial to our partnering projects’ growth and development, and therefore any amount of time you spend assisting us will be time very well spent.

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