Cape Town will begin 2012 with a MASSIVE bang!


It is now almost September 2011 which means it is only 4 months until our foundation project is launched in 2012! Excitement, anticipation and anxiety are commonplace in The EXPEDITION Project team.

It is officially 28 days into the project, or the first stages of the build-up at least – It is only the first innings of what will be a long and fully encompassing test match, the first match of the first round of qualifiers of the world cup, the opening scene of a movie that you know you will enjoy, the first page of the first chapter of a book you know you won’t be able to put down.

Thus far we have encountered nothing but interest and willingness to help from all that we have approached. It is most definitely a project that excites and intrigues all it offers itself to.

Last week concluded with a fantastic meeting with Billabong South Africa in Jeffery’s Bay – it looks promising that they may in fact join us for the two coastal legs of our journey (west coast and east coast of South Africa). A great company with tremendous morals and scope. Billabong has truly taken the surf industry into the 21st century.

This week began with the final content being completed for, what will no doubt, be a awesome website – due to be unveiled Friday 9th September 2011. The same day as the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand! Considering we are still looking for Land Rover to jump on board as a partner, it is quite apt that it should be launched on that date.

After an admin-filled week including preparations for The BEACH Festival in Knysna, Sedgefield and Cape Town, we spoke to the City of Cape Town on Wednesday about our planned final event of The BEACH Festival in Cape Town on the 31st December 2011. As it turned out they convinced us to have the event on the 30th December 2011 instead. This was fine by us! Alicia from COCT was nothing but helpful and clearly very good and efficient at her job of coordinating events within Cape Town. On mentioning that we were looking to do a BEACH festival, not on a beach, but in the middle of the CBD, it took some time for her to gather exactly what we meant! Understandable. If that flummoxed her then my next question would surely have her in hysterics.

” How could we go about having a New Year’s Eve party and launch event for The EXPEDITION project in the form of a fundraiser and celebrity event on Robben Island?”

Im not sure Alicia knew how to answer that one, however, she tactfully passed me onto someone who could call me mad to my face!

The end of the week was crazy, we managed to meet Michael from Heritage SA and Clyde from I am Green, two ideal link-ups for our Environmental section of The EXPEDITION Project. Needless to say, both were keen to get involved and conversations will definitely develop from there.

Finally, Warren and Roger did some filming on a rainy Friday in Claremont, Cape Town. They needed to do a few ‘Diary Cam’ clips, kind of like a ‘day in the life’ or ‘visual journal’ entry. This was hilarious, and it took many many takes before Roger could get his lines right. The expression ‘Act natural’ came up a few times – however, it is easier said than done when a camera is in your face. In the midst of filming Nedbank, one of our sought-after sponsors, got back to us with some great news about setting up a meeting ASAP in Cape Town.

The weekend is now all about preparing for the BIG sponsor pitch to the Dept. of Trade and Industry on Monday! This is an important step for us, as this would open the doors for the involvement of all the municipalities in South Africa.

That’s it for this week, but…

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Until next week!

The EXPEDITION Project Team,

Cape Town, South Africa

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