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#TEP2013 Route 3 – Valleys and Mountains Development Foundation

When we walked into the Valleys and Mountains Development Foundation, the first thing that we  was the degree of focus of the +/- 20 youth busy with their paper-maché creations. They were all incredibly immersed in their work – a buzz of teens sculpting out of recycled drink containers, cardboard boxes, and anything else they can get their hands on! Read More

#TEP2013 Route 3 – Village of Hope

The sombre mood of this cold and rainy morning was quickly broken by our visit to the Village of Hope located on the edge of the town of Grabouw. Its dedicated and dynamic team has provided for the rehabilitation of children infected, and affected, by HIV and AIDS since it was founded in 2009. Read More

#TEP2012 – ShowMe Interview

With over six months having passed since The EXPEDITION Project left on their maiden and foundation year journey of exploration, re-discovery, inspiration and research, we asked them several of the most popular questions as submitted by their followers: Read More


The world in a take-away coffee cup

Have you ever wondered what the ecological and anthropological costs are of our consumer decisions? Can a simple quick consumer decision shape our future? For example, do you know what the hidden financial and health costs are of all those take-away cups that deliver your morning caffeine fix? Put another way, did you realize that the world’s largest coffee chain served 2.3 billion cups of coffee in take-away cups last year, a number that keeps growing annually?

Read More

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