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Cheetah Conservation in SA: Growth in Populations Inspires Hope

There are fewer than 7,100 adult cheetahs left in the wild, and their numbers keep decreasing. In fact, this cat has vanished from 90% of its range in Africa. But there has been significant population growth in South Africa, home to 18 percent of the world’s remaining cheetahs. The Endangered Wildlife Trust’s cheetah conservation project played a big role in this triumph. The project has almost doubled cheetah numbers in less than a decade.

In this article, we investigate this success story and consider some of the complexities of cheetah conservation.

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10 Things to Know Before Travelling to South Africa

By Jemima Chesterfield

Should you find yourself reading this blog I’d say it’s safe to assume you have just booked / you’re planning your first trip to South Africa. That in itself deserves congratulations! Trust me you’ve made a brilliant decision and you’re going to thank yourself. 

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Conservation Agriculture: A New Future for Rural Farmers

Traditional agriculture can harm the environment, produce greenhouse gases and contribute to climate change. But sustainable farming methods can do the opposite — increase resilience to climate change, protect biodiversity and use natural resources responsibly. Conservation Agriculture is one such system that aims to achieve sustainable and profitable farming while protecting the environment.

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Vet Society / Zoology Quiz

3 Universities, 1 hour, 1 big quiz! Who will win? Recorded on the 1 July at 7pm BST for our first inter-university quiz hosted by The Expedition Project. UK Universities – Edinburgh, Nottingham and the London Royal Veterinary College. Here are the picture rounds associated with the quiz for you to refer to while watching […]
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Ethical Volunteering: How to Choose the Best Opportunity

There are many noble motivations to volunteer locally or abroad – like a desire to give, experience new cultures, forge new friendships and broaden your horizons. Sadly, not all volunteer programmes are created equal. This makes careful research essential to finding an ethical volunteering opportunity.

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