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What is it that makes one love to travel so much? Could it be the thought of something new? The tastes, sounds and sights? Or is it the people and animals you may encounter? We watch travel shows; enjoy movies about exotic places, and most of the time we dream of where and when our next holiday or adventure might be.

Could it be that we are instinctively nomads at heart? Wanderers? Is it because we are mammals looking for greener fields or fresher waters or maybe the warmer sun or less harsh winters?

Prior to World War 1, you were considered wealthy, elite and well-mannered if you had pale, white skin and a mild complexion. If you were tanned, you were of course classified as a worker and hence less affluent. Since then and even more so in the last 20 years, the more tanned you are the wealthier you must be, as this means you can afford holidays in the sun, or even more so you can afford the time to take these holidays. Short of that, money will be spent under artificial light and tanning machines in order to create that all-year-round glowing, healthy look.

Times have definitely changed.

Serious exploration may have begun 500 years ago, but the man began wandering 5000 years ago, and since then everything has been discovered and explored.

We now look for luxury in our destinations or simplicity in our surroundings in order to contrast our daily lives.

The world is now a much smaller place than it once was, and yet we so seldom appreciate the beauty and magnificence of our closest beach, the nearest mountain or lake we drive passed daily.

We are dreamers and we always will be.

So, in closing I wish to say this:

Let us re-discover the land we so take for granted. Instead of choosing a far-flung destination next holiday time, re-visit a childhood location or even better, a part of South Africa we have yet to discover. I promise you that you will find it, not only more affordable but, far more rewarding.

Let this be the decade of re-discovery and re-appreciation.

Re-discover South Africa.

By Roger Wynne-Dyke

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