A Virtual Journey to South Africa

A virtual journey to South Africa through education of some of the most endangered species on the planet is the best way to describe the Wildlife Vet Online series.

The adventures of renowned veterinarian, Dr Peter Rogers, and his team along with their brilliant and dynamic work with the rescue, rehabilitation and release of African Lions, African Rhinos, African Elephants, Temmnick’s Ground Pangolins, Cheetahs and African Wild Dogs are truly reflected in the wildlife vet online modules. The Expedition Project’s short courses overflow with an abundance of practical and insightful information as Dr Rogers and his team ensures you experience and learn as much as you possibly can virtually by providing videos and pictures for you to visualize the animals as they see them. The continuous additions of resources, clinical studies, and research cases are a nice touch as medicine keeps evolving as the years go by and each day there are numerous medical discoveries.

Coming from a little Caribbean island, my exposure to wild and exotic animals is minimal. This concise copious series allows me to explore new avenues of exotic and zoo medicine in the comfort of my home. I am able to receive a totally different experience and opportunity with these online courses from The Expedition Project, one I am able to receive at such a tender age during my journey to becoming a veterinarian.

 As a student smack in the middle of my degree and still trying to decipher what species I’m most interested in working with, these short courses allow me to acquire more than what I’d learn at university. Universities can only teach you so much. Although their vast curriculum covers an abundance of knowledge, you can never truly learn enough. There’s so much to grasp and so much information out there, especially with exotic and zoo medicine. 

Like many veterinary students, I too strive to be one of the best vets and explore my overall potential. Purchasing the different modules is by far one of the best decisions I’ve made as I have access to such intricate and beneficial knowledge that I cannot find anywhere else. Where else can you really learn about anaesthesia in African elephants from a remarkable veterinarian with 30+ YEARS of experience in the comfort of your home for such an affordable price? It’s safe to say that TEP truly attempts to transport you to South Africa in these modules. These modules are truly worth it and you will not be disappointed! I cannot wait to see what more The Expedition Project has in store for us! 

By Karina Khatic

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