A New Orphan at Zululand Rhino Orphanage

The Zululand Rhino Orphanage are now up to 8 rhinos!

1st April 2023

“On Saturday 1st April we received yet another rhino orphan. This baby is only two weeks old and weighs just 59kg. He is tiny!

The good news is that he accepted milk immediately and is drinking really well.

The bad news is that he is sick and very weak. He is currently being treated with antibiotics and a nebuliser.”

4th April 2023

“Our new baby is holding on but still needs round-the-clock care and monitoring.

He had a vet check and another dose of antibiotics today. We are also using a nebuliser which helps get rid of the mucus buildup and allows him to breathe better. He is very cooperative and accepts his treatment without much fuss which makes everything a bit easier. We hope that he starts to feel better soon 🙏🏼💚

We are extremely grateful for all of the encouraging and supportive messages that we have received so far.”

5th April 2023

“Our new little boy has received a name! 💚

Kulula, Lula for short, which means “easy” in Zulu has been chosen for him as he hasn’t put up much of a fuss with us since his arrival, which is largely due to him being so young but also sick. Lula was abandoned by his mother who suddenly stopped feeding him. The reserve team kept an eye on him for a couple of days before deciding that bringing him through to our facility would be the best decision in order to save his life. After such a difficult and sad start, we really hope that his name will bring him an easy road ahead.

We also decided to let him go outside to see if it would lift his spirit, which it did. He absolutely loved soaking up the sun. He is still very unsure and didn’t want to leave our side. He also got tired very quickly. We will keep trying in the hopes that it will also help his healing process.”

7th April 2023

“Lula had another vet check today with his last dose of antibiotics. Dr Toft is very happy with his improvement which is such great news! 😁 He is drinking really well and getting stronger every day.
He is also really enjoying spending time outside. We’re hoping to see some playful zoomies from him soon now that he’s feeling a bit better.”

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